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We are contractors helping contractors. We know the challenges. We’ve been there.

Working in construction requires wearing many (hard) hats. 

The smaller the business, the more hats to juggle. The more to learn.

How to keep up to date with new regulations? Understanding marketing and accounting… Who has the time?

Small businesses are the back-bone of commerce in Ontario 

93% of our members have fewer than 25 employees. 86% have fewer than 7.

For 99 years, the OEL has provided countless training sessions, seminars and webinars.

Since 1950, we have hosted the annual Electrical Industry Conference to bring together industry experts and pool our skills.

Our goal has always been to create opportunities, to share knowledge, and learn from one another.

That’s why we created this platform, built on our collective experience. To bring these resources online and make them available to you.

Because together, we strengthen our field.
We promise to show you how to grow your business with confidence and peace of mind.

Your source of knowledge and connections in Ontario's electrical industry.

Who We Are

The Ontario Electrical League (OEL) is a non-profit, members-based organization that represents the electrical industry in Ontario.

For over 90 years, we have striven to promote, strengthen and represent the electrical industry in Ontario. Our membership includes more than 12,000 individuals that span across Ontario, and is supported by a provincial office.

Our membership includes, but is not limited to: Licensed Electrical Contractors (LECs); Utilities, Distributors; Manufacturers; Agents; Engineers; Educators and Electrical Inspectors.

To learn more about us, our history and our membership benefits, visit our website: www.oel.org.

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