Avoiding Shocks

How can you avoid shocks?

Safety Guidelines

  1. Breaker or switch operation … ON/OFF

  2. Removal of covers to expose live parts

  3. Diagnostics..ex..Voltage test

  4. Application of safety grounds

  5. Thermography

Defined as : 

 A state in which the conductor or circuit part to be worked on or near has been:

  1. Disconnected from energized parts

  2. Locked/tagged in accordance with established standards

  3. Tested to ensure the absence of voltage

  4. Grounded if determined necessary

It is essential to CONFIRM it is de-energized. 

NOT CONFIRMED = LIVE       PPE required

In recent years, neutral currents problems are coming to the fore.

Clamp-on to measure :

  1. Unbalanced loads … ex..  347 lighting

  2. 3rd harmonic….ex.. lighting & computer circuits

  3. Stray current….ex… from utilities at power entry.
                                       Some measured currents were up to 10 amps 

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