Working Alone Safety Awareness

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Training Objectives

  • Understand what “working alone” means
  • Understand who is the lone worker
  • Identify the occupations that involve working alone
  • Identify how safe working alone is in different situations
  • Understand the employer’s responsibility to keep those who must work alone safe
  • Look at the hazards related to working alone
  • Recognize the measures that can minimize the risks when working alone
  • Practical tips for staying safe when working alone


Training Topics

  • Does Ontario have a working alone Regulation?
  • What is working alone?
  • Who are lone workers?
  • Is working alone a problem?
  • Health effects of working alone
  • What employers can do to keep lone workers safe
  • Training for workers who work alone
  • Working alone and handling cash –store design –best safe practices
  • Working late
  • Going to and from work safely
  • Traveling for work alone
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