Propane Safety Awareness

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This course is meant for persons who are handling propane cylinders for use in the construction industry. Upon completion, participants will be able to recognize and evaluate the hazards associated with propane. They will also be able to safely connect, disconnect and activate propane equipment up to 400,000 btu/h. The program includes hands-on training outdoors, consisting of connecting, lighting and disconnecting a torch or heater, and classroom performance reviews.

Training Content

  •  Properties of Propane
  •  Sources of Ignition
  •  Cylinder Handling
  •  Pipes, Hoses and Fittings
  •  Preventative Measures
  •  Extinguishing Fires
  •  Cylinder Transportation
  •  Cylinder Storage
  •  First Aid
  •  Legal Requirements of the OHSA and TSSA Regulations
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