Chainsaw Awareness

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The objective of this course is to provide participants with an introduction to carrying out the safe operation of a chainsaw and use of the proper PPE.
Introduction to the Chainsaw, Sharpening and Maintenance, Notching and Falling, Saw Use and Limbing and Bucking. Will Familiarize participants with all the safety features of a modern Chainsaw, the importance of personal protective equipment, tool kit contents and their use, and first aid kit importance, basic chainsaw trouble shooting, fuel and oil particulars will be covered. Proper sharpening and maintenance are the most important function of daily operations. This topic covers all aspects of the chain sharpening and basic maintenance. Sharpening areas include; how the cutter works, filing tools, depth gauge importance and chain tension. The Maintenance section deals with; bar inspection and servicing, clutch and sprocket wear, engine cleaning, and throttle jet setting.

Training Content

  •  Introduction to the chainsaw
  •  Sharpening and Maintenance
  •  Notching and Felling
  •  Proper and Safe Saw use
  •  Limbing and Bucking
  •  Practical Demonstration
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