ARC Flash + LOTO (Invoice Only)

Visitor: $1,600.00

This is a one day, approximately 8 hour training. Participants receive a certificate in both topics.


Arc Flash Awareness Training

This program is recommended for any worker working in areas where Arc Flash could occur. Participants will receive Arc Flash Awareness training only.

Only specially “Qualified Persons” may perform work on or near exposed and energized electrical conductors or circuit parts (CSA Z462 – Workplace Electrical Safety Standard).

Training Content:

  • Introduction to Arc Flash – What is it?
  • Identify the Causes and Risks of Arc Flash
  • Arc Flash Industries
  • Codes and Standards in Ontario
  • Identify Protective Clothing and Necessary PPE
  • Implement Safe Works Procedures
  • Respond to an Arc Flash
  • Prevention

Course Duration

Four (4) Hours dependent upon number of participants


+ Lock out Tag out

This program consists of a comprehensive in-class theory program covering Isolation of Hazardous Energy. Participants will have the opportunity to handle a large assortment of lockout devices and components while learning how to safely and effectively apply them to prevent accidents and damage caused by the unexpected movement of machinery and equipment due to the release of hazardous energy.

Training Content

  • Ontario lock out/tag out legislation – Regulation 851
  • Hazard Recognition – Risk Assessments
  • “Zero Energy State”
  • Lock Out Devices
  • What is an Emergency Stop
  • Energizing and De-energizing Equipment
  • Disconnects
  • The Lock Out Tag Out Program Requirements and Procedures
  • Serious Mistakes

Course Duration

Four (4) Hours dependent upon number of participants



Course: $1,600.00 + HST per day. 10% off this rate if training is within 100km of Ottawa city limits..

Course Manuals upon request: $600.00 + HST (Includes 10 books)

Course Modality

In Person


Lenco Training & Technical Services, Levac Supply Ltd.

Product Type



Eastern Ontario, Southwestern & Western Ontario


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