Retaining Employees

Retaining Employees

How to engage your team to thrive. Gus Takkale discusses how to get the most out of people, from the 2019 OEL Electrical Industry Conference. Video Length: 78 minutes

Effects of Electrocution

Three free resources discussing the serious effects of electrocution. Video: The Road to Recovery – Electric Shock: The Invisible Electric Injury. Dr. Joel Fish. Why Electricians Work Live. ScienceDirect, Safety Science. (PDF) Shock Electric’s Deadliest Act – Safety Report. Littelfuse. (PDF)

Building Your Business

Ten short videos to help you build your business. Change your thinking, change your results. Easy to do business with. Simple words to help people by, Part I Simple words to help people by, Part II Once you stop learning, you start dying. Bookkeeping and Accounting. Customer expectations. Retaining employees Networking to strengthen your business. …

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3 Keys for Success Course

3 Keys for Success

There’s no roadmap to success in the business world, but you can still prepare to overcome challenges. Presented by Ron Bergeron, former owner of Bergeron Electric, this course material covers topics ranging from hiring wisely to maintaining your team’s skills.

Setting Rates

One of the most challenging aspects of business ownership entails finances in some way, shape or form. In this course, Barry Moss of Four-O-One Electric Ltd. discusses labour rates, material markups and mentorship, among other topics.

Numbers Matter

Course Description Business and financial numbers go hand in hand, and it’s essential to know how they both effect each other so that you can maintain focus and visibility on how your organization operates. Your numbers can indicate several necessary things about your business: Whether your sales income is on track, if your costs are …

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